Julia Feldman

Julia Feldman was born in Hollywood, California. Feldman currently works predominantly in the medium of fibers with the addition of found objects. She received her Master of Art and Design from North Carolina State University with an emphasis in Surface Design. Her BFA from California College of the Arts, Oakland was an emphasis on Metal and Fibers.


Work on Paper

The Wall - Another War

Painting with Thread



Bare Bear Skin

            As an artist, I use narrative imagery to provoke awareness and encourage change. I use the connection between art and social comment as a beginning to locate common ground and bring people together. To start a worthwhile conversation art needs to amplify important or interesting ideas. To paraphrase Hugh MacLeod … an artist’s primary role is to function as an “idea amplifier”.  I want my artwork to be approachable and I am interested in continuing to add interactive components between the viewer and the artwork.

I am exploring elements of systems to create ambiguity, layering lines and working with positive and negative space in unnatural scales, creating adumbrations for an intimate study of the intersections of patterns. My actual stitching is more intuitive than sequential, yet very deliberate. I am reorganizing cellular structures and organism, working with images of circulatory systems, and maps, and investigating density and transparency in fibers. Many of my pieces feature colorful, child-like imagery, and text resonating simultaneously into themes both intimate and universal.

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